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The best privacy screen protector for Samsung

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-04-30 09:17:06

  YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED is a manufacturer specializing in privacy screen protector for ten years, we develop and produce 3D curved mobile phone anti-spy film for mobile phones with Samsung S9, S8, NOTE8 and other curved screens. We have a complete set of optical and surface physical testing equipment. We will sample each batch of privacy screen protector to ensure that customers can use it with confidence.

  1. Transmittance test: optical grade transmittance, ultra-low reflection, high-definition high-permeability; test results show that our privacy screen protector has a light transmittance of 95%.

  2. Water drop angle test: The surface nano-coating has obvious oleophobic and hydrophobic function, which can effectively prevent dirt from remaining on the protective film. The test results show that the waterproof and oil-proof function is OK.

  3. Anti-friction test: Japan imported raw materials, 9H hardness, much higher than the ordinary film 3H hardness, can withstand daily impact, scratch and wear resistance, the test shows that under normal conditions of use can ensure that 3 years will not scratch;

  4. Anti-fingerprint test: surface polymer anti-fingerprint treatment, fingerprint suppression is greatly improved compared with ordinary protective film (Note: 100% anti-fingerprint is impossible under current technical conditions, privacy screen protector can maximize anti-fingerprint effect);

  5. Warranty: Our warranty period is one year. If you find any malfunction after receiving the goods or sales, please take a photo or video and send it to us. If we confirm, we will replace it with new one.

  6. Passed IS09001 quality certification system, ROHS certification, CE certification, etc., and we have obtained many patent certificates.

  YIPI the privacy screen protector manufacturer, we develop and produce anti-peep film of various models and sizes, welcome to consult and purchase.


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