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The best privacy screen protector for iPhone in 2019

0 YIPI ELECTRONIC LIMITED 2019-05-11 09:54:10

  For the younger "iPhone Party" family, everyone has secrets that cannot be shared. These secrets may be important documents and information materials at work. They may be some precious photos, videos, unwilling or impossible Share with others. Once sneaked, stolen, and leaked, they face all kinds of terrible consequences and even cause major losses. How to protect these personal "small secrets", today's editor will introduce you to a 2019 best privacy screen protector for iPhone.

  Overall image display

  The product packaging display is convenient for the merchant to explain to the customer. Detailed introduction to product features, accessory types, installation methods, precautions, etc.

  The die display is exactly the same as the pigment of the iPhone. There is no visual error on the mobile phone, and the effect is perfect.

  The product includes mounting fixtures, as well as fiber cloth, alcohol paper, clips, sticky glue, etc.

  Post-screen effect display

  By the way, the entire filming process is too simple. First wipe the screen with a dust cloth, remove the dust, tear off the protective film, and gently align it with the auxiliary mounting clip. The size and screen of the film are just right and the size is right.

  Anti-peep effect test

  This privacy screen protector for iPhone uses the new shutter technology, high transparency, scratch-resistant and privacy. It can be seen that the surface of the film is smooth and delicate, and there is no diagonal stripe on the surface of the inferior film on the market. Although the brightness of the screen is slightly lowered, the display is softer. What is the effect of the anti-spy display after the post?

  Now, when you gently rotate the screen and the side is 45°, the words on the screen begin to look unclear; when you rotate to 90°, you can only see the black screen. The two-sided test has the same effect

  With a peep-proof tempered film, the iPhone screen panel looks pretty good. The thickness of the glass is similar to that of ordinary tempered film on the market, and it is less than 0.3mm or thinner.

  For the edge curvature of the iPhone, the 3D hemming design is used, and the edge portions can be completely covered, without gaps, and 100% fit each hole.

  This design can also greatly reduce the risk of breakage of the screen of the mobile phone by buffering the decompression protection when the mobile phone is accidentally hit or hit.

  Detail demonstration

  In the material application, this privacy screen protector for iPhone is made of Japanese imported tempered glass, 9H hardness, which can effectively prevent scratching, hydrophobic and oleophobic, and the surface is very easy to scrub.

  The detailed real shot map, for the top earpiece, sensor, and camera-intensive part, adopts the design of accurate blanking, which does not block the components at all, while the Home button part adopts the full enclosing design. The edge of the film fits snugly into the screen of the phone, leaving no gaps.

  This is a very ordinary mobile phone protective film, but it can be said to be the best privacy screen protector for iPhone in 2019, because it can encrypt the most secure information of your mobile phone in the open environment of today's external environment. And protection. For example, it can prevent you from being in the car, or close to people, strangers see the information you enter on the screen, of course, can also protect your screen from scratches, to protect the general screen saver.

  The overall evaluation of this privacy screen protector for iPhone is very good. It has been used in many places where privacy protection is in the banking, customs, and telecom business halls. The products also include flat-panel anti-spy, desktop computer and notebook anti-spy screen. Sophisticated, there are full scientific considerations and settings in every detail. It should be pointed out that the screen brightness of the anti-spy screen must be slightly weaker than other eye-protection screens or high-definition screens, but the transmittance test is also basically 95%, which is already a very high technical level.

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